lending Platform is Referal Programe for expand our project. We wIll add a Referal programe so that it attract to use of our ABST WALLET.


Abitshadow is a Blockchain Platform that aims at bringing wealth to the mass. ABST Token is a crypto-currency for accessible secure lifestyle

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ABST Is used for flow less trading to gain profit, It will be used in E-commerce portal, They are tradeable goods and can represent coins, In-game assets, and so on. They can even be redeemable for a service an issuer will provide at a later Date.

Lending Platform

lending Platform is Referal Programe for expand our project. We wIll add a Referal programe so that it attract to use of our ABST WALLET.


ABITSHADOW Wallet API will developed major crypto assets exchanger & wallet services will able to use ABITSHADOW widget on their site.


ABST PRICE WILL BE 0.001 $ In Lending Platform


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ABST aims to build a virtual reality ecosystem based on blockchain technology to connect virtual reality content, creators and users. VR/AR is recognized as the next-generation general-purpose computing platform. ABST will assume the important task of promoting the virtual reality industry's ecological development and accelerate the advent of the VR/AR era. ABST will solve three major problems in VR applications: trust mechanism, equity distribution and content circulation: The ABST protocol, built on the basis of non-mutability, solves the trust problem in the virtual world and will become the cornerstone of the user relationship in the ABST virtual world. The decentralization setup allows any user to create a reasonable distribution of benefits in the ABST, whether producing contents or providing services;
ABST l is a large ecology of virtual reality content. It will stimulate active behavior through unique ecological mechanisms and enhance the circulation of content. ABST is composed of industry elites from the field of virtual reality, while at the same time they are supported by experts and scholars from the blockchain field. ABST has reached strategic partnerships with leading VR companies in the world, and is actively promoting the layout and ecological construction of global virtual reality content. .

Coming soon ABST exchanger & App?

In future download the app from the store. Simple, nice and user-friendly application of Exchanger.